Monday, October 7, 2013

We got FAN MAIL! Woo Hoo!

Hi Trish... I spent 30 minutes being fascinated with your talents,
skills and creativity...what with all that you offer as an artist!  
I am embarking on a VO career, and your demos & links were simply
wonderful (and helpful to me too).  
I am very happy to find your webpage...and see how you market yourself, with your book, etc...  It's just so imaginative & original... lots of "star quality there."  I wish I had a daughter or sister like you.
Just wanted to share that...and all the best with all that you do.

Drama Teacher, Connie

Vote on Your Favorite ZG Sketch

Of these 5 sketches, which one is your Favorite?  And why?  Leave your comments below:

The FIRST Raffle WInners Announced!

Since no winners were announced during the first couple of days of the Zephrum Gates Blog Tour, THREE Winners were chosen on Sunday, October 6th.
Rachelle Fox, Rima Fand, & Bill Spenceley all won a prize for participating in the ZG GiveAway!
Congratulations Friends!!

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Popular Characters

So far, people have overwhelming said that Zephrum's Great Aunt Gussie is their favorite character.
I love Great Aunt Gussie as well, but have people thought of Dexter Droudy?  Rocko-Pounder? Beatrice Bragg? Or Aynia of FairyLand?  Some of these characters will be "talking" to you soon.  :-)

Le Vanity Victorienne hosts the ZG Blog Tour on October 7th

Here's the link:
Le Vanity Victorienne

Elayne Griffith, Author of "Sapphire" highlights Great Aunt Gussie

Writing Tip: Become Your Characters

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Behind a Million & One Pages hosts the Zephrum Gates Blog Tour on Sunday, October 6th

Here's the link to "Behind a Million & One Pages."

Synopsis of the New Zephrum Gates Book

What do a greedy goblin, a lovesick Dragon, and a not so helpless girl have in common?  From the moment the floating treasure chest appears above the water, this rollicking fairy tale brings us back to the wonderful world of Zephrum Gates.
Goblins are at work and are doing their best to restore their nefarious leader to ultimate power.  Although Strasidous Rowpe has been reduced to a mere wisp of ether, his malevolent influence continues to inspire Goblins… and threaten Zephrum.
Zephrum is helped by a number of eccentric and magical people at her school, the newly started (Fiddlesticks School for Alternative Thinkers with Unusual Abilities).  There, Zephrum and her friends develop their innate talents, learn circus arts, meet strange magical beings, and end up putting on a lively theatrical show that is “out of this world.”
Although some of the teachers try to use science and earth wisdom to understand the chain of quirky catastrophes that keep happening, they can’t really do much to keep Zephrum and her friends away from perplexing predicaments, strange sightings, and misplaced magic.  Can she escape the dark doom that goblins have created for her?  Can her friends keep her from the clutches of a distraught Dragon?  Will they save the day and thwart the feeble efforts of Strasidous Rowpe… before all is lost?

“Zephrum Gates & The Strange Magical Treasure” will tickle your funny bone and keep you glued to the page as you bounce from one unforgettable event to the next.

Zephrum Gates & The Strange Magical Treasure

Beauty & The Armageddon is hosting the Zephrum Gates Blog Tour, October 5th

Check out the link at "Beauty & The Armageddon."
Beauty & The Armageddon